The “Kinetic Sculpture” metaphorically translates into space the form-finding process of vehicle design. The interplay of mechanical and electronic components creates a dynamic art piece reflecting the precise exchange between a great number of individual elements and the single, coherent picture that emerges from them.
Attached by thin steel wires to individually-controlled stepper motors, 714 metal spheres move up and down, seemingly levitating.



Pendulum is an interactive audiovisual installation, created by Jan Pistor, Dennis Schmidlin and Thomas Züblin during a one week workshop in July 2015 at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Our goal was to explore ways on how visuals and sound can be synced and controlled/influenced through physical interaction.
A pendulum attached to the roof is used to trigger hitboxes inside a room. Hitboxes are virtual boxes in 3D space that can be ‘triggered’ by objects that move through them (e.g a pendulum or a hand). Hitbox trigger detection is done using a Kinect and a VVVV patch. In VVVV hits are converted to OSC messages and sent to a second machine running Ableton Live. In Live, OSC messages are received by a Max4Live patch. Hitbox triggers are used to start specific clips. Clip midi information in turn, is sent back to VVVV via Midi and used to control the visuals.



Music: Icona Pop – Then We Kiss